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Hopscotch Tavern in Downtown Fullerton, post Cody Storts era

Hopscotch Tavern Exterior Sign

Visiting Hopscotch Tavern, Post Cody Storts A Season for Change, Drama at Hopscotch Tavern Two years ago, Hopscotch Tavern in Downtown Fullerton was one of the hottest restaurants in Orange County. Chef Cody Storts and his team called “Culinary Militia”, developed the menu and launched Hopscotch’s reputation as a foodie destination. A little drama occurred this summer between the owners and ... Read More »

Review of the Catina Lounge – Oasis for Gluttony in the Cal State Fullerton District

Since I am no longer college age, I typically do not frequent restuarants in the University district as the food can be “dodgy”, as my English friend Stuart would say.  This past weekend, we ventured out to the Cantina Lounge, which is adjacent to California State University Fullerton. The restaurant offers “Modern-Mexican” cuisine and a couple “Asian-Fusion” dishes, like the Shanghai ... Read More »

Review of The Matador in Fullerton’s Commonwealth District

Review of “The Matador” Restaurant in Fullerton The Matador Cantina located in the historic downtown district of Fullerton, just north of Commonwealth Avenue on Harbor (front side at least). But since this is a pedestrian friendly area, you typically walk in the back courtyards and alleys and enter the restaurants from the rear entrance.When writing this blog I wasn’t quite sure how to describe ... Read More »