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Cookbook – Cooking Techniques and Recipes with Olive Oil

Cooking Techniques and Recipes with Olive Oil Book

Cooking with olive oil is more than salad dressing. Review of new cookbook , Cooking Techniques and Recipes with Olive Oil, by Mary Platis & Laura Rashar, Read More »

Review of Slapfish Food Truck- Slapping the Food Truck Trout

Review of Slapfish Gourmet Food Truck Slapfish is Slapping the Food Truck Trout   Note: This review was back from 2011 during the height of the gourmet food truck craze. Slapfish is now a full fledged restaurant that is expanding internationally.  I really love fresh seafood. Although if I want really fresh seafood, I have to go to an expensive restaurant where they ... Read More »

"Superfriends from the Lime Truck" – Crispy Gnocchi and the Ultimate Taco

“Superfriends from the Lime Truck” – Fried gnocchi and the Ultimate Taco This will be just a short posting from last week’s trip to the food extravaganza at the Irvine Meetup spot.  As a note to my small following of readers, I will now be calling the Food Truck Meetups “ClusterTrucks”,  thanks to a movement sponsored by “OCWEEKLYFOOD” on Twitter. My Co-worker, ... Read More »

Tonight's Cooking Experiment: Tri-Tip and Phyllo Faux Wellington and his Seafood Step-Brother

Tonight’s cooking experiment dealt with trip tip left overs, a couple random pieces of frozen shrimp / scallops and some late coded phyllo that I had to use before it expired. Last night’s slow cooked tri trip cooked in a Pepsi base was fantastic, so it will taste great in a faux neauvue phyllo Wellington. Since I am working with phyllo I decided to use ... Read More »

Tonight's Cooking Experiment – Panko Crusted Ling Cod with Strawberry Reduction Sauce (500 calories)

 Tonight’s cooking experiment Panko Crusted Ling Cod with Strawberry Reduction Sauce Today is just a quick fish dish. Ingredients  6 ounces Ling Cod 1 Tablespoon of Mayo 3 tablespoons of Lemon Juice 1 Tablespoon of Garlic Powder Panko Bread Crumbs imitation Lobster (I’m on a budget) Sesame Seeds Strawberry Champagne Reduction Sauce See my instructional picture show below       ... Read More »