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The Ranch Restaurant – Farm to Table Supper

The Ranch tomatoes 28

As I have explained in my previous blog post,  The Ranch is currently my favorite restaurant in Orange County. One of the key reasons for their great tasting food is the fact that they grow their own produce  for use in their seasonal dishes. Recently, I attended the farm to table supper at Edward Ranch Estate and had the first ... Read More »

Review of The Ranch Restaurant and Saloon – “I Fell in Love at the Ranch”

Ranch Main Course steak open

Sometimes you experience a restaurant that changes your expectations of other restaurants. Like a new lover, The Ranch is the type of restaurant leaves you infatuated and desiring more.  The Ranch and Saloon was part founded by two of Orange County’s most respected restaurant industry veterans, Chef Michael Rossi and Master Sommelier Michael Jordan.  The restaurant actually has it’s own farm in the city ... Read More »