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BLK Burgrz – The $18 Burger Comes to South Orange County

BLK Burgerz Custom Burger

Review of BLK burgz- $18 Burger lands in sleepy Ladera Ranch Read More »

A Second Look at Dave and Buster’s Cuisine

The New York Strip Steak was actually pretty impressive. It appeared to have been aged and was actually juicy, flavorful and cooked a perfect medium rare

What Tom’s Foodie Blog is reviewing a chain restaurant? Yes I am, especially since Dave and Buster’s revamped their menu and kitchen operations, they deserve a second look.  I have been visiting Dave and Busters for several years now just to play games. Aside from a  a shifty experience with over-cooked chicken, hot wings and tequila in my early 20’s, ... Read More »

The OC Food Truck- A Food P*rn Twist to Classic Dishes

**Note: I had to mask the word Food P*rn do to overzlealous Websense monitors- sorry for the redaction** I have seen a truck floating around the local Food Truck lots with the  name, “The OC Food Truck.”   All I gotta say is that you better have some big fried balls and even bigger burgers to claim you are representing “THE OC” by displaying the name ... Read More »