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Pizza Sprouts – Easy, Kinda Healthy Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Pizza Sprouts Recipe plate

Pizza Sprouts Recipe Part Pizza, Part Brussels Sprouts, All Awesomeness This is super fast and easy Brussels sprouts recipe that will make this coniferous vegetable go from boring to exciting for the entire family. I developed this recipe after being challenged by Shakey’s Pizza on Twitter for a pizza inspired recipe. This was my response to them. This recipe is really ... Read More »

Thanksgiving Brussels Sprout Recipe – Sweet and Nutty Flavors

Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts recipe, sweetened with persimmons

Thanksgiving Brussels Sprout Recipe Brussels sprouts sweetened with Crimson Gold Apples or Persimmons I am a huge fan of Brussels sprouts, savory or spicy. There are many recipes on the web right now, especially those made with protein fats like prosciutto or sausage. I recently started experimenting with a couple recipes that are delicious and suitable for my vegan / Vegetarian friends. Below are ... Read More »

Pitfire Artisan Pizza – In a Crowded Gourmet Pizza Market, Pitfire Pizza Differentiates

Pitfire Pumpkin Pizza

Orange County is now home to one of Los Angeles County’s pizza restaurants and local foodies are taking notice. Pitfire pizza has taken over the former location of Marie Calendar’s in Costa Mesa and joins a developing culinary scene along 17th street. What really stands out at Pitfire Pizza is the signature pizzas made with fresh ingredients and a near ... Read More »