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Dinner Ideas – Stacked Grilled Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

Chicken Enchilada Stack with Pineapple Hatch Salsa

Dinner Ideas Grilled chicken Enchiladas recipe with Pineapple Hatch Chile Sauce. The Pineapple Hatch Chile sauce is the secret ingredient in this easy recipe Read More »

Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce Recipe – Best Ribs Ever!

Cherry Bourbon Ribs

Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce Recipe - Best Ribs Ever! This recipe uses fresh cherries and high quality bourbon to create a sweet and smokey BBQ sauce. Read More »

Recipe – Healthy and Easy Grilled Chicken Fajitas with Mexican Beer Marinade

Healthy and easy Bbq Chicken Fajitas in Mexican beer Marinade

Healthy Chicken Recipe – Easy Grilled Chicken Fajitas with Mexican Beer Marinade Fun weekday chicken recipe with the help of beer This is a easy grilled chicken fajitas that you can prepare  quickly! The secret is the Mexican dark beer, like Modelo Negro marinade that adds flavor depth to the chicken. I tried the original recipe from myrecipes.com, which originally published in cooking light. ... Read More »

Review of JP23 BBQ and Smokehouse in Downtown Fullerton

JP23 Smokehouse and BBQ Baby Back Ribs

JP23 BBQ and Smokehouse JP23 brings Hardwood Smoked BBQ to Downtown Fullerton     You can tell when you just visited a great smokehouse BBQ restaurant, because you smell like BBQ sauce, smoke and regret. Great BBQ is more than just great flavors, it is part emotional experience that does not end until you are so full that you hate ... Read More »

Rancho a Go-Go: Making Texan Transplants Shed Tears of Joy One Brisket at a Time

Rancho a go go brisket sandwich

California is made up of transplants from other states. They will often suffer homesickness and crave a regional dish that is sold on every street corner in their hometown. Unfortunately for them, it is often hard to find a legit version in Southern California. If I moved out of Southern California, I would probably have a hard time finding a ... Read More »