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Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Resort
steakhouse 55 located in the Disneyland Hotel

Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Resort

Foodie Dreams Do Come True

Disneyland is known for bringing a twinkle to children’s eyes and family fun, but did you know that Disney can also bring a twinkle to a foodie’s eyes and provide gastronomic fun? Yes the fables are true, the Disneyland Resort is a treasure trove of foodie centric entertainment. This blog post will highlight one of the Disneyland Resort’s best restaurants, Steakhouse 55.

Steakhouse 55 Dinning Room

Steakhouse 55 Dinning Room


Steakhouse 55 is a true hidden gem that is tucked away inside the Disneyland Hotel and not widely known by the general public. Yet, again I am going to put myself out on a limb and say that Steakhouse 55 can give some of the better Chicago Steakhouses a run for their money. This restaurant pays meticulous attention to the quality of their dishes and features some of the most flavorful and juicy steaks that I have experienced.


How to get to Steakhouse 55

Directions to Disneyland Hotel

Directions to Disneyland Hotel

First of all you do not need admission to the park to try this restaurant, nor do you have to pay for parking. If you are coming to Steakhouse 55, use the Disneyland Hotel Valet parking for free! Yes I did say free valet parking, all you need is to get your parking ticket validated in the restaurant! Woot Woot!  To get to the Disneyland Hotel Valet just follow these directions.  

  • Exit the 5 freeway on Ball road and enter the resort via Disneyland Road.
  • Follow the signs on Disneyland Road to the Disneyland Hotel
  • Go through the parking booth and just tell them that you are dining at SteakHouse 55
  • hen just pull up to the valet stand. Easy!

Next, to find Steakhouse 55,

Map to Steakhouse 55

Map to Steakhouse 55

  • Find your way to the conference halls. Simply walk through the lobby to the patio.
  • Next, enter the conference hall area and you will see the signs for Goof’s Kitchen and Steakhouse 55.  
  • It’s easy to find and if you get lost, just ask anyone in uniform…they are pretty helpful. 

But what if I am coming from the Theme Parks or Downtown Disney? No Problem! Just  head towards the Disneyland Hotel via Downtown Disney. Pass the giant Fantasia hat and walk into the hotel. Just follow the signs from there. By the way if you are not from Southern California and need a good guide for getting around the Disneyland Resort, then I suggest that you visit my friend’s Travel Blog, Sites with Stacey. She has some great information about the resorts restaurants, bars and ammenities.

Venue and Ambiance

Since this is Disneyland, you will be sharing the space with children. With that said, don’t be surprised when I tell you that Steakhouse 55 shares a common cocktail lounge with Goofy’s Kitchen. I am sure many of you have gone to sketchier places to get good food, so do not let a couple of kids scare you away.  The cocktail lounge is classy, well-appointed and offers a very nice cocktails. When I dine with friends at Steakhouse 55, we will often meet in the cocktail lounge for a couple of attitude adjustments before dinning.

Steakhouse 55 Lobby

Steakhouse 55 Lobby

The restaurant itself is decorated like a classic 1930’s Hollywood Steakhouse. The dinning room is adorned with dark woods, white paneling, and art deco inspired fixtures. The decor casts an intimate hue over the dining room. The rich elegance of dark and brooding intimacy is broken up by oversized black and white photos of golden Hollywood Stars. These black and white pictures add a touch of simple elegance and are reminiscent of a bygone era. This restaurant also features a private dining area that looks like it can accommodate 15-20+ people.


Steakhouse 55 Dinning Room

Steakhouse 55 Dinning Room


Menu Structure and $Cost

Steakhouse 55 Entree Menu

Steakhouse 55 Entree Menu

The menu is structured so that most Entrees are served a la cart style, so you will order your steak and side separately. The sides are fairly large, so I would recommend sharing sides. My recommendation is to order several for the table.You should budget about $40+ a person for a fine steak and a shared side. If you are planning on going the full hog and ordering appetizers, salads, and sharing multiple bottles of wine, in addition to the steak and sides, you should be budgeting $80+ per person. 


A Note About Bread

 Steakhouse 55 breadSteakhouse Bread is the oracle for the rest of the meal. I always judge a steakhouse by it’s bread. I have found a near-perfect correlation between awesome steakhouse bread and the rest of the dinner. I have a theory that if the Chef places attentive focus on the bread, then he will also treat the rest of the meal with equal finesse. Steakhouse 55 presented a loaf of sourdough with a slight tang,  fluffy soft center and crunchy exterior. This bread was glorious , especially when paired with whipped butter.



Food at Steakhouse 55


Chef’s Potato Stack Au Gratin

This is a sinfully delicious side dish! This dish is made from layers of thinly cut potatoes, butter and cheese. The potato stack is a nice large square-cut with arespectable height.

Steakhouse 55 Potato Gratin Stack

Steakhouse 55 Potato Gratin Stack

When you look at the potato stack, it appears to be very dense and built like a brick house. Don’t let its appearance fool you, this au gratin is soft and had a velvety feel on the tongue and lips. This Potato stack will make prudish men blush from its cheesy decadence. Chef Martin uses the right balance of potato, cheese, butter and to form this wonderful dish. Our entire table agreed that this dish was amazing and a minor skirmish occurred for seconds. My tablemate still bears the scars of fisticuffs over the last bite. I am giving the potato au gratin 4.5 out of 5.


Spring Greens Salad

 This salad appears to have a mixture salad greens including arugula, chicory, mesclum, and mache. This combination of lettuce provided buttery, sweet and just slight hints of bitter. The candied pecans, fresh raspberries, and tart raspberry vinaigrette rounded out the flavors of this salad. This was a pleasant salad that filled its role of staving off hunger while waiting for the main course. I am giving this salad 4.0 out of 5.

Steakhouse 55  - Spring Greens Salad

Steakhouse 55 – Spring Greens Salad


Main Course

For the Main Course, the entire table ordered pretty much the same thing, either Prime Rib or the Bone-In Rib Eye Steak. This ordering pattern was equally split by gender. All the dudes ordered the bone-in steak and ladies the prime rib (insert “that’s what she said” joke here). Before I start the description of the dishes let me first answer the question, “What is the difference between a Rib-Eye Steak and Prime Rib?

Primer on cuts of Prime Steaks (skip this section if you are a former butcher)

Cow Diagram Rib

Cow Diagram Rib


Both Prime Rib and Rib Eye come from the same section of the cow, the rib. Although these cuts differ in how they are extracted and cooked. Both the “Rib-eye” and “Prime Rib” come from the same rib-section of the cow, high up near the spine where the meat is least exercised. Extracting the meat from this section of the cow provides a tender cut that is marbled with fat. So what is the difference between the Prime Ribs of Beef and the Rib-Eye?


•  Rib Eye is cut across the muscle into thick slices and will sometimes include a cross-section of the rib bone with the meat. The inclusion of rib-bone increases the natural flavors of the steak during the cooking process. The rib eye cut is typically grilled or broiled (dry/direct heat) to lock in juices. The cut is also known as the “Delmonico” or the Cowboy steak.

•  Prime Ribs is cut along the bone line in sections of rib bones to form a roast, hence the name “Prime Ribs of Beef.” This roast of prime ribs is cooked on indirect heat in an oven for an extended duration, often covered so that it cooks in a wet-heat. The cooked “Loaf” is then cut to order, medium-well cuts are located at the edges and rare is located in the center.

Bone-In Rib Eye Steak

This cut of steak feels carnal as it arrives to your table with a rib bone popping out of the massive 18-ounce slab of beef. I always tear up a little bit when it comes out. My guy friends will often put a soft hand on my back and whisper quietly, “It’s o.k. to cry over awesomeness.” The steak is dry aged and as a result much of the connective tissue is broken down. This technique leaves the steak tender and juicy.

steakhouse 55 Rib-eye Steak

steakhouse 55 Rib-eye Steak


The rib-eye is prepared with their “Signature Steakhouse 55 Dry Rub.” This dry seasoning preparation adds a crusting during the cooking process, thus providing both flavor and helps to lock the juices into the muscle. The rub is delicious, but does not dominate on the palate, rather it simply enhances the steak’s natural flavors. When my personal steak arrived, it had a nice shimmering brown color with clean char lines and natural beef juices oozing out of the steak and onto the plate.


Steakhouse 55 Rib-eye Steak Cut Open

Steakhouse 55 Rib-eye Steak Cut Open


I ordered my steak medium, so I pre-tested it by gently pushing my thumb into the center; the steak was soft with a slight resistance. So far so good! I cut the steak open at its thickest part and revealed that it was pink throughout, with juices seeping onto the plate. I took a bite into the steak and could taste the natural flavors of the angus beef. I am giving this dish a 4.5 out of 5 for its flavor, juiciness and flawless cooking

Prime Rib

There was 3 orders of prime rib placed, all requested to be cooked at medium or medium-rare. Each of the prime ribs were different portions, almost small, medium and large.

steakhouse 55 sign- Prime Rib 2

steakhouse 55 sign- Prime Rib


I did not have a scale to verify my observation, but it did look like there was variation in the cutting processes leading to inequality of sizes. My second observation is that two of the prime ribs were cooked more than requested. Although after some simple juggling of plates between the girls, everyone got the size and cooking style they preferred. The table was back to smiles.


steakhouse 55  Prime Rib

steakhouse 55 Prime Rib


But what about the taste? Incredible! The prime ribs where obviously of a superior grade and hand trimmed. The Prime Rib roast must have gone through an aging process in order to achieve this level of natural flavoring. Normally I like to use au jus and creamy horseradish, although this prime rib had the right balance of rich natural beef flavor and seasoning to eat alone. I ate a portion of my wife’s prime rib like a caveman and it was glorious. The flavor and tenderness of the prime rib should have earned it a perfect 5 out of 5 points, on par with a famous prime rib restaurant.

steakhouse 55 sign- Prime Rib 33

Although the issues in the cutting technique left variation in sizes and final temperature of the cuts. As a result, I am giving the prime ribs of beef 4 out of 5 for this visit. 

Aside: During previous visits the Chef nailed the Prime Rib perfectly in size and temperature. On previous visits I would have given the Prime Rib a 4.75 out of 5.  I will post an update to this blog the next time I visit Steakhouse 55, with an updated observation on the Prime Rib. With that said a 4 out of 5 is a very good score, I just expect near perfection from Chef Martin’s staff.


Other notable dishes you should try

  • Porterhouse Steak: A giant carnal steak that features two types of cuts in one. Come hungry for this dish, it is almost 20 ounces.
  • Mac and Cheese: Rich and decadent! This side is an adult take on the classic comfort food. 


24-Layer Chocolate Cake

No offense to the main courses, but the dessert stole the show. The 24-layer cake was a complex dessert that was constructed with altering layers of chocolate cake, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and Nutella. Each of the layers were thin and altered twenty-four times all the way to the top and was coated with a dark chocolate layer.


steakhouse 55 -  The 24 layer cake

Steakhouse 55 – The 24 layer cake


The cake was cut into a large slice and presented at our table with “oooooohs and ahhhs!” I used my fork to cut through the cake and it slid through the moistness of this decadent treat. As I pulled the cake to my mouth, strings of the chocolate and Nutella drippings hung from the fork and teased my lips.

The flavors of the milk chocolate, dark chocolate and Nutella provided a balanced flavor profile of sweet, bitter and nuttiness. The cake was moist, creamy, and melted in the mouth. The consistency of the cake was a “moist smoothness”, similar to tres leches cake due to the amount of layered fillings. This dessert paired extremely well with their fresh brewed coffee; I am getting a little gitty like a school girl thinking about it again. This desert received a very well earned 5 out of 5 stars. Click Here if you want to see a YouTube video on how the cake is constructed

My Final Thoughts

Overall this restaurant delivers very high quality food and impeccable service. Despite the kitchen’s minor fumble on the Prime Rib, I can report that I was extremely pleased with my dinning experience. For anyone planning on visiting the Disneyland Resort, I highly encourage you not to get stuck in the theme park restaurant doldrums. The Disneyland Resort has many wonderful restaurants that are foodie friendly. Not only does Steakhouse 55 offer some of the best steaks in Southern California, they also offer an oasis for weary theme park guests.

After a day of sensory overload, many folks might enjoy a little decompression time over a bottle of Vino and a plate of red meat. Since this restaurant is owned by Disney, you can trust that they employ some of the most talented and trained staff. Steakhouse 55  earned 4.25 out  of 5 Stars for overall execution, ambiance, service and last but not least amazing food…a magical dinning experience (yes I went there).




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Tom grew up in a cultural diverse neighborhood and a culturally diverse family, so he has learned to appreciate all types of food. "I am not a Chef, nor do I play one on T.V., but I have learned to appreciate food from years of eating and cooking." Tom also spent 10 years in the restaurant industry in various roles, from Prep Cook to server.


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