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So You Want to Deep Fry A Turkey for Thanksgiving? A Complete How to Guide

How to deep fry a turkey Finished

Instruction on how to deep fry a turkey Read More »

Thanksgiving Brussels Sprout Recipe – Sweet and Nutty Flavors

Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts recipe, sweetened with persimmons

Thanksgiving Brussels Sprout Recipe Brussels sprouts sweetened with Crimson Gold Apples or Persimmons I am a huge fan of Brussels sprouts, savory or spicy. There are many recipes on the web right now, especially those made with protein fats like prosciutto or sausage. I recently started experimenting with a couple recipes that are delicious and suitable for my vegan / Vegetarian friends. Below are ... Read More »

Recipe: Baked Green Dragon Apples with Goat Cheese and Honey Gastrique

Baked Green Dragon Apples 04

Recipe: Baked Green Dragon Apples with Goat Cheese and Honey Gastrique, a Sweet and Savory Appetizer. Fall or Autumn, whatever you want to call it brings wonderful seasonal ingredients such a fresh apples.  I recently discovered a new strain of apples called Green Dragon apples, which is a cross between a Golden Delicious and the Japanese Endo apple. The result is ... Read More »

Secret to the Perfect Pie Crust, Vodka

pie dough

The past week I made several pies, some went well and some went very poorly. The most common problem for my failed pies? The Crust. I was driving home last night reflecting on my culinary failings, while listening to National Public Radio’s rambling on about the fiscal cliff. As I pulled up to my destination, I heard a segment called “America’s ... Read More »