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Restaurant Reviews of Southern California restaurants – “Great restaurants are, of course, nothing but mouth-brothels. There is no point in going to them if one intends to keep one’s belt buckled.” ― Frederic Raphael

Review of the Old Towne Orange Walking Food Tour

This blog post will chronicle my recent attendance of the Old Towne Orange Walking Food Tour and all the foodie follies that came along with it. This foodie tour is officially called the “Orange Sampler Tour” and is led by the “Old Towne Orange Walking Food Tour” organization. The Sampler Tour takes you through the historic Old Towne Orange and allows you ... Read More »

Review of The Bungalow in Corona Del Mar

Our group buying adventure led us to The Bungalow restaurant in Corona Del Mar, a revered South OC establishment.  The Bungalow is known for aged prime steaks and a quaint setting on PCH. The entrance of the Bungalow is a dimly lit bar area which is decorated with dark wood and leather. The bar area was obviously the local watering hole, as I noticed many sophisticated ladies ... Read More »

Review of the Catina Lounge – Oasis for Gluttony in the Cal State Fullerton District

Since I am no longer college age, I typically do not frequent restuarants in the University district as the food can be “dodgy”, as my English friend Stuart would say.  This past weekend, we ventured out to the Cantina Lounge, which is adjacent to California State University Fullerton. The restaurant offers “Modern-Mexican” cuisine and a couple “Asian-Fusion” dishes, like the Shanghai ... Read More »

Review of K’Ya Bistro; at the Casa de Camino Hotel: Upscale European Hotstel Meets a Fusion Gastropub

I think I have mentioned this in a couple other food blog posts, but my wife has a serious obsession with buying Groupons. The one big advantage is that they are good for trying new restaurants, this is the case for the Groupon for the Rooftop Lounge/K’Ya at the Casa de Camino Hotel. This location is a boutique hotel that was originally built ... Read More »

Review of The Uva Bar in Downtown Disney- Your Adult Disney Adventure Begins Here

Review of The Uva Bar in Downtown Disney Many foodies ask, is there a culinary pulse in the Disneyland Resort? The answer is a resounding Yes!  Many of my friends ask isnt Disneyland just for kids? I say NO! you havent learned how it make an Adult Disney Adventure. In this blog post, I will be providing one possible route ... Read More »