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Review of Gourmet Food Trucks in Orange County and Los Angeles

The Lobster has Landed! – Review of the Lobsta Truck

Lobsta Truck

Review of the Lobsta Truck There I was Friday afternoon, sitting in my standard windowless corporate office, doing my standard office work , when I discovered that my phone was buzzing in my pocket! Just like Pavlov’s dog, I started salivating because I had gotten a tweet from one of my fellow foodies that the “Lobsta Truck” was en route with ... Read More »

Death by “The Rhino” at Rancho a Go Go Food Truck (Grilled Cheese Stuffed with Pulled Pork and Mac and Cheese)

Death by the “Rhino” @Ranchoagogo Food Truck (Grilled Cheese Stuffed with Pulled Pork and Mac and Cheese) from Today’s ClusterTruck at Teller Street in Irvine Be Afraid….Be Very Afraid! Lurking in the midst of the food truck Serengeti resides one of the most feared dishes of them all. This item has taken down many a stronger eaters than myself. What is it ... Read More »

"Superfriends from the Lime Truck" – Crispy Gnocchi and the Ultimate Taco

“Superfriends from the Lime Truck” – Fried gnocchi and the Ultimate Taco This will be just a short posting from last week’s trip to the food extravaganza at the Irvine Meetup spot.  As a note to my small following of readers, I will now be calling the Food Truck Meetups “ClusterTrucks”,  thanks to a movement sponsored by “OCWEEKLYFOOD” on Twitter. My Co-worker, ... Read More »

Food Truck Road Trip! – "O Street Truck" in Santa Barbara!

Food Truck Road Trip! – O Street Truck in Santa Barbara! I was just on a work road trip to Santa Barbara, right by University of California, Santa Barbara. I of course made my compulsory stop by FreeBirds for the bigger than life burritos and the stuffed crust pizza at Woodstocks. Both of these face stuffing adventures where compulsory to visiting the neighborhood. The food memories ... Read More »

Food Truck Review- "Louks To Go" – Taste of Louks, Chef's Choice Combo

“Louks on to Go” Food Truck Review – The $10 Louks  Combo (gyro, fries and louks!) A little piece of Greece through the portal of a food truck. It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s food truck day at the Teller Food Truck Meetup Spot in Irvine.  There were a lot of food trucks today including a sushi truck!, but hat one will have to ... Read More »