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Gourmet Food Truck

Review of Gourmet Food Trucks in Orange County and Los Angeles

Review of Kogi Truck – Confessions of a Kogi Truck Virgin

Review of Kogi Food Truck Confessions of a Kogi Trick Virgin Note: This review of Kogi Food Truck was originally written in July of 2011 during Chef Roy Choi’s push into Orange County.  Like any Friday at 11:00  in the afternoon, I am already thinking about what food I am going to eat for lunch.  So what does any good ... Read More »

Review of Munchee5 Truck and Food Truck Lot Politics

  Due to the ugly politics of the Teller Food Lot, the O.G. trucks have been displaced and there was a batch of newbie trucks in the Teller Lot. It was a little sad , as most of the regular customers have even moved on to other lots.  Some of the trucks  didn’t even take credit cards! Major faux pax! After wallowing in my memories of ... Read More »

Review of Seabirds Food Truck”- Vegan Girls do it Fresher

Seabirds Truck

Review of the Seabirds Food Truck. This Vegan food truck serves the best vegan food around, even better than many brick and mortar Vegan restaurants. Read More »

Review of Bacon Mania Truck and Dabling with the 7 Sins

Review of Bacon Mania Truck Dabbling with the 7 Sins- Bacon, Cheese and Lust There I was innocently working in my office and occasionally reading Drudgreport.com, getting the latest news and gossip. Of course the biggest news was Senator Weiner sending pictures of his package to young college girls on Twitter….what a dumbass. Believe it or not his name is Senator Weiner (life ... Read More »

Review of Dos Chinos Food Truck – The Stoner Burrito

Dos Chinos Food Truck

 Review of Dos Chinos Food Truck  Dos Chinos -The Stoner Burrito and the Garden Grove Taco I have been hitting the food truck stops in Orange County for the past year and have tried most of the trucks which stop at the Teller Food Truck Summit on Teller Avenue in Irvine (“AKA the Teller Cluster Truck”) on Teller Avenue in Irvine Although, despite ... Read More »