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Bad Reviews

Restaurants that have provided a really bad experience and need to be exposed

Review of The Bungalow in Corona Del Mar

Our group buying adventure led us to The Bungalow restaurant in Corona Del Mar, a revered South OC establishment.  The Bungalow is known for aged prime steaks and a quaint setting on PCH. The entrance of the Bungalow is a dimly lit bar area which is decorated with dark wood and leather. The bar area was obviously the local watering hole, as I noticed many sophisticated ladies ... Read More »

Review of Munchee5 Truck and Food Truck Lot Politics

  Due to the ugly politics of the Teller Food Lot, the O.G. trucks have been displaced and there was a batch of newbie trucks in the Teller Lot. It was a little sad , as most of the regular customers have even moved on to other lots.  Some of the trucks  didn’t even take credit cards! Major faux pax! After wallowing in my memories of ... Read More »