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BLK Burgrz – The $18 Burger Comes to South Orange County
BLK Burgerz Custom Burger

BLK Burgrz – The $18 Burger Comes to South Orange County

Review of BLK Burgrz –  $18 Burger lands in sleepy Ladera Ranch

BLK Burgerz Sign The Orange County food scene is evolving. Several years ago I would have told you that the sleepy bedroom community of Ladera Ranch is not capable of supporting a restaurant that sells Kobe grade beef burgers for $18. Times have changed and BLK Burgrz launched at the end of last year, drawing in crowds. The basic format of BLK burger is simple and  close to the Slater’s 50/50 model.

You choose your burger style, meat  and then customize. You can make your burger as complicated as you want.  The stuffed burgers ($18 base price) is a Kobe grade ground beef that is stuffed in the center with your choice of flavor combinations. For example there is the “Blue Cheese Stuffed Burger” which is made with blue cheese crumbles and cream cheese at the core of the burger.  

Blk Burgerz Menu

Blk burgz Menu

The “Sizzlin burger”  ($17 base price) is for the burger purist. It is a 1/2 pound Kobe burger patty that comes out sizzling on a fajita style pan. The burger comes out in it’s pure state with the fixings on the side. 

Starters – House Made Chips

BLK burgz chips are house made and complimentary;  this is there version of bread for the table. The chips were crispy and extremely hot, straight from the deep fryer. I love the cheese powder sprinkled on top.

BLK Burgerz Free House Made Chips

BLK burgz Free House Made Chips

What we ordered:


The “Cheddar Stuffed Burger”

Daniele ordered the “Cheddar Stuffed Burger”, which is a Kobe grade burger stuffed with sharp cheddar, bacon and cream cheese.  She customized her burger with a brioche bun, arugula, tomato, red onion, and mayo. She is a traditionalist with her burgers. Even though this is the white cotton panties of  burger customization, it turned out really nice.  I liked the balance achieved with the sharp cheddar and cream cheese stuffing against the beef flavor. 

BLK Burgerz Cheddar stuffed burger with Sweet Potato Fries

BLK burgz Cheddar stuffed burger with Sweet Potato Fries

When she cut the burger open, it began to ooze out melted cheddar and cream cheese! Yummm! Daniele is a cheese head , so she became visibly excited. Despite the burger being stuffed, it was still a cooked to a medium temperature as requested.

BLK Burgerz Cheddar Stuffed Burger Cross Section

BLK burgz Cheddar Stuffed Burger Cross Section

Custom Avocado Stuffed Burger

Whenever I go to a burger place like this, I always customize. Since BLK burgz was still in soft opening I gave my server , Robert, the opportunity to show off his skills. I asked him to customize me a burger of his choice of meat, cheese, bun and toppings. My only stipulations was that I wanted multiple flavor layers and a slight edge of spiciness.  I watched as he carefully constructed the burger order on his tablet.  I love surprises and Robert did not disappoint. 

BLK Burgerz Custom Burger

BLK burgz Custom Burger

Robert came out with an avocado stuffed kobe  burger, topped with pepper jack cheese, arugula, shaved pepperchinis, and spicy aoili. The custom burger was served on a fluffy pretzel roll.  This burger was perfectly constructed with multiple flavor layers.  I tasted several types of spiciness that evolved without taking away from the kobe beef flavor. The avocado-bacon stuffing served as the negotiator between the spicy and savory elements of the burger.  There were no left-overs. 

BLK Burgerzheddar Stuffed Burger Cross Section

BLK burgz Cheddar Stuffed Burger cross-section

The burger was cooked to  a nice medium-rare+ and was very juicy as I bit down. The only thing I would add next time is a  slice of tomato to provide a layer of acidity.

My Final Thoughts

When I am asked “Who makes your favorite burger”, my answer will often change because I am constantly finding a better and better burger. For now, BLK burgz makes my favorite hamburger in Orange County.  The quality of the beef and creative use of the stuffed burger format really impressed me. Although the burger is not as big as a Slater’s 50/50, the quality at BLK  is much higher. This burger is worth $18 in my book and it is exactly what South Orange County needs to evolve it’s dining scene.

BLK Burgerz is my new burger crush

BLK Burgrz is my new burger crush

I recently viewed the Yelp reviews for BLK burgz  and found that many negative reviews focused on poor service. I would take these negative reviews with a grain of salt as they were still training up their staff  in December and January.  My experience at BLK was very positive. I found their staff both friendly and very  knowledgeable.  BLK burgz is  definitely worth a try if you are in the area of Ladera Ranch and a must try if you live nearby.

BLK Burgerz , yeah I can sink my teeth into that

BLK Burgerz , yeah I can sink my teeth into that

27742 Antonio Parkway
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

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  1. Looks good – I’m interested it trying this place! I love that the food in South OC is improving!

  2. Looks delicious! I would like to have all these at this place.

  3. For $18.00 burger I’d rather go to a steak house.

  4. I am a hamburger freak, and absolutely starving after seeing these burgers. They look messy and delicious. I hope to try them soon.

  5. I’m practically vegetarian, so the meat has to be really “worth it” for me to indulge. Sound like – and looks like from the pics – that BLK is a good choice. I’d rather have a great $18 burger than a so-so something else any day of the week.

    I’m curious, where did you decide to go for Valentines Day? You gave that whole list of last-minute options, but where did the foodie go?

  6. My first reaction was $18 for a burger?. . . .however these look delicious! I’m sure I’d make a huge mess but I’d love to try some of them.

  7. I don’t know that I could bring myself to spend $18 for a hamburger; regardless of the quality of meat. After all, it’s still a hamburger no matter how you dress it up. I’d throw down another $10 for a good fillet and the trimmings.

  8. Those burgers sound and look amazing! I’ve actually never had stuffed burgers before, but the avocado one would definitely be my choice!

  9. Barbara, BLK Burgrz does offer numerous vegetarian and Gluten Free options, as well as burger and slider options for those who prefer not to eat red meat (salmon, chicken, turkey, etc.) It’s delicious; you should go check it out!

  10. Looks delicious , are the large enough to share ?

  11. Looks delicious! BTW: What’s a good place you would suggest to celebrate my daughter’s birthday… in San Diego?

  12. Look at you go Tom! Lol. Now that is a fully loaded burger if I’ve ever seen one. Looks like you enjoyed it

  13. They look amazing. I’ve seen places pop up around here with Kobe burgers as well.

  14. Wow! These look amazing and so do you taking a bite out of that burger!

  15. ha! the last pic made me laugh looks like one tasty burger

  16. Woow! that is one of the expensive burger i know.. but its kinda worth it. i might not eat it all but i would love to..

  17. The bun on that bugger looks delicious! WE are having buggers tonight but nothing that impressive!

  18. That stuffed cheddar burger looks so good!!! I would love to have one right about now!

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